About Us

Dumpster Doggies is a non-profit charity that acts for stray dogs in northern Turkey.

We are volunteers who work hard to help the strays doggies on our spare time.

We provide food, medication and shelter to stray dogs in the Kastamonu area.

We will will use every bit of our energy and and every penny you give us to support the doggies.

Take action and support us today!



Sabahat is an accountant, born in 1979.
She lives with her mom, dad and brother.
She is a government approved, registered rescuer for 8 years.

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Cigdem is a geography teacher in high school, born in 1980
She lives single with her 3 cats, and has been a rescuer for 4 years.



Burak is Sebahat’s cousin but she calls her ``brother``.
He is born in 2000, and is a student in College of Physical education and Sports and also studying Veterinary Technical School.
He lives single and has been a rescuer for 3 years.



Ender is an oral surgeon, born in 1962.
She lives part time in Toronto, Canada and Izmir, Turkey.
She has been helping rescuers and volunteers all over Turkey for 7 years.