Adoption and Rescue Stories

Having a pet is something but rescue and adoption have a wholly different philosophy, it is about saving a life.
Unfortunately, life is not easy for stray animals in Turkey. Our goal is to find a forever home for each one of them and send as many of these beautiful animals to the US, Canada, or Europe so they can live a life they truly deserve.
We do everything on our side to help the adopters who want to save a life from Turkey.
We know the rules and regulations for North America and Europe and prepare the doggies according to these regulations. All dogs are vet-checked, microchipped, vaccinated, spayed/neutered before adoption. Each dog’s adoption fee helps to cover the cost of their vet care as well as their flight. We work with our rescue partner in Canada Stray2Play through adoption processes
We were able to send 41 doggies to the US, Canada, UK, and Belgium by now. Among them, there are 7 tripods, 3 blind doggies.
Also, we’ll start to put our doggies that are available for adoption on our website starting from September 2020



Nazlı was the first dog that Sabahat sent to abroad. Nazlı was found in İnebolu dumpster area. It took 3 hours to take her out of the bushes. She was blind and had heavy mange. She wasn’t a beautiful dog, neither friendly. But love cured all. Against all odds, we were able to find her a home in Vancouver Canada. Steve & Doreen loved this baby from the first moment! They’re taking very good care of her and spoiling her so much!

You can read more about her story on her Facebook Page:ı-232309833970418/


Scout was the second dog we flew to Canada. Sabahat found him starving, he had eaten straw to fill his tummy. He was cachectic and had heavy mange.
We found a home for him in Calgary Canada and now he loves hiking around Lake Louise with his mom.


Yogi is the last dog we were able to send to his family before the borders are closed due to pandemic. Sabahat found him last September (2019) at the brink of death. He was abandoned with a collar on his neck. He was starving and had a limping leg. He is now in Kootenay Canada with his new loving family. His family took him to the best vets, he had surgery and now he can run happily with his doggie friends.

Following Nazlı and Scout 38 more stray dogs from the Kastamonu area flew to their homes in Canada and the US. We are still waiting for borders to open and scheduled flights to start to send 4 more doggıes to Canada to their forever loving homes.